Mesh Objects imported with FileLoader node are unable to edit, Why?


I can import var type of Mesh files with [FileLoader.FromParh] node (include FBX, SKP)

But, Mesh Objects imported with File Loader node are unable to edit.
For example, When I transform or scale the mesh objects with MeshToolkit, It is no t working. The same is true for other nodes of MeshToolkit.

Why? Are there any methods to edit the mesh objects?
I konw it has no mater to obj, stl files imported with [Mesh.ImportFile] node of MeshToolkit.
I am studying about scalability of Import node like FileLoader to import various files to dynamo form other programs.

Thank you for your comment!

Q.dyn (34.6 KB)!AkHB48P3gWcaxw-oQ2te0LGXy_yC (download link for fbx,skp,obj,stl)

These nodes likely return Dynamo Mesh objects, which are not the same as meshtoolkit meshes - I think theres a conversion snippet floating around somewhere - perhaps in the springs package.


Thank you so much for your comment is very helpful for me.
It has “Mesh.ToToolkitMesh” and “ToollkitMeshToMesh” as you said. :slight_smile:

The function “Online Package Search” on my Dynamo Studio ( didn’t work for some reason I don’t know, so I could found out “Springs” Pkg on the Dynamostudio Website (

Thank you, @Michael_Kirschner2 Michael!

likely you need to update your revit version - ADSK has updated to more recent TLS protocols for services.

see here:

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You are my savior. I solved the problem through to install the patch~ Thank you so much @Michael_Kirschner2 !!