I need help so that the pipeupstream node always takes the longest path and doesn’t happen like in the video.
whenever it runs it returns a list with a different size, my goal is that the list always has the largest size ie all elements

Hi Tiago,

The node will assume that the input element only has one connector that has an ‘in’ flow direction. That is the connector that will be used to find the connected elements. In your case I see that there is a faucet that has 2 connectors and one of them has no elements connected. This is the reason why the node will sometimes return the connected elements and on other runs it wil return nothing (nothing connected to that connector).

You could modify the python code so that it only accepts connectors as input instead of elements, but that would be a bit of work.

you made this script a few years back and were trying to utilize it to have it rotate multiple fittings. Do you have any tips