MEP Tap sizes


I want to do whats seems like a simple thing but i can’t seem to get it right.
I have alot of Taps connecting ducts with eachother. I want to have the size of the two ducts combined in one parameter so i can make a list of the taps.So basically i need the size parameter from two elements combined the “Comments” parameter from another elemenet.
Anybody know if this is possible? So i don’t need to waste my time.
Thanks alot in advance.

You can join the string values using the node String.Join.
Also, taps and transitions have the parameter “Size” which returns the concatenated size of both connectors (see image):

Taps only give one size (in ur example it says “Ø600-Ø600”), thats the stupid thing about it and why its pointless the get a list out of it. Looks to me it can’t be that hard for autodesk to place automatically the size of the both ducts it connects into.

OK I get your point :slight_smile: You can always combine the sizes on a single string and set that value to any string parameter.

I have found a solution.
Thanks to the “MEP connector info” node.
Adjusted the node a bit and now the size of the biggest ducts gets filled in the comments of the tap

I hope this is usefull for other people to.

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Although this solution might work for you, I would not recommend modifying any package nodes as if you need to share your script, people won’t have the same functionality unless you share as well the modified .dyf file.

Yes you are right. For some reason your way does not work on my project. At this point i am happy with the solution. Thanks for the input.