MEP-Pipe Fitting Connectors

Hello Everyone: Happy Hollidays!

I would like to understand why the code throws an error when I want to find the connectors for the pipe fittings. It works well in all the other cases; i.e. for pipes, pipe accesories and sprinklers. I am re-using part of the code from @T_Pover MEPover package.



it says none type, which means it is a null you are feeding into. To enhance your troubleshooting experience, instead of writing everything into a single line, you could do for example:

mepmod = i.MEPmodel

#Assign correct connector manager for different element
conMag = None
if mepmod:
    conMag = mepmod.ConnectorManager
    conMag = i.ConnectorManager

#Assign connectors if there is valid connector manager
conns = None
if conMag:
    conns = conMag.Connectors

in your for loops