MDUG Challenges

From time to time, the Madrid Dynamo User Group will launch challenges to solve in Dynamo, although any of you can propose yours. If you are able to solve it, publish your solution and we will see who does it in the most elegant way and in the shortest time.

The place of this challenges is here:

The main language is Spanish, because we want to bring Dynamo to the Spanish-speaking public, but we will translate the challenges into English so that it can participate as many people as possible.

For the first challenge, we have opted for a geometric problem. It consists of making a virtual spirograph that works in rooms. That is, given a curve or closed polycurve, you have to draw the path that a fixed point would follow over an n radius circumference that rolls inside or outside the curve.

Go here for more info and starting files:
MDUG Spirograph

Good luck!