Material Properties and Assets... get physical and thermal data

Does anyone have an idea for getting material properties and assets like physical and thermal data?

Currently do I need density (physical, mechanical) from materials used in a project for LCA.

Hi Eric,

Here’s a hint:

This was exactly what was needed, thanks a lot Pawel, and a thanks also goes to Dimitar Venkov for the answer in the suggested thread.

If others want an easy copy paste, the code is below here: (in a loop)

BUT be careful!!!
Revit has this odd kind of internal units, which is totally ridiculous, but nevertheless.
units need to be converted: result*35.31466680911273 = SI unit (kg/m3)

I figured at last, that Revit has its own unit World :-S
The below is how to fix odd revit to SI units :slight_smile:


t1 = doc.GetElement(i.StructuralAssetId).GetStructuralAsset().Density

check DanEDU Dynamo package MaterialDensity for full code.