Matching two lists after 1 list has been filtered for unique items

Hello all,

I am trying to make workflow that allows me to search for all titleblocks in a project > read sheet height and width, combine these two lists into one > filter all doubles out so i can see all different sheet sizes.

Is there any way to link the titleblock type name to the unique items list? I just need to see the first part of the name (A1, A1+ etc.) so i can export a name for unique sheet sizes.

I am trying to export all unique sheet sizes, with the correct sheet size name to excel so i can create all the different form sizes in windows printer settings. And after that, add these forms to printsettings in Revit for my automated printing script…

We have multiple clients that use unique paper sizes so i am making a list of ALL sizes for all of the clients.

Look like you got it. what you need exactly?

I need to add the family type name list, to the unique items list.

for example:

841 x 1189 A0

This way i know what the paper size name is for my unique item list.

Try Like this… Search with your list make a bool mask. !


Hi @MVE1112,
I would do something like this:

@MVE1112 Or something like this

Home1.dyn (38.3 KB)