Matching room parameter values from master excel file

Hello all,

I have master excel file which contains 1000 rooms information like room function code and description.
But in Revit work numbers of rooms varying building to building . So every time for each building I have to copy selected data manually from Master excel file to Revit rooms schedule.
Which is too much time consuming for one to one room,
Is there any trick to match this data with Revit rooms parameter ?
Can anyone help me out for this?

Thanks in advance.

Considering the file says “Room name on DWG”, perhaps you should import the DWG showing the room name/numbers into Revit and align it to the floor plate, find the location of the leader for said room/name number blocks, get the room at that point, and set the number accordingly. Once that is done you can map room number to room number and pull the bulk of the data across.

Thank you @JacobSmall for your quick response ,

Rooms already placed in Revit with Room names and Room numbers now I have 56 rooms in Revit and have to search function code and Benamning (column B&C) In excel, which contains data for 1000 rooms So how to filter out these required 56 rows from 1000 rows excel file?