Master File Creation with all families in 1 view

hi, i am trying to automate the creation of master files or library files (i dont know the correct wording for it) which list 1 instance of every family contained in the project.

i have seen them everywhere, but not sure how to create it.
are these scripted in dynamo, or am i missing a very basic revit feature to do this?


FamilyInstance.ByPoint would go a long way here.



I imagine hosted families will cause you some grief here. Gotta have the host in order to place the family.

could start with your companies template file and just start by placing each type in an empty project. use some 3d text so you can see it in 3d. as for hosted familes, can always place a wall or whatever to host that element. I’m sure dynamo can do this, but nothing like a little hard work so you understand WHAT you have and HOW it is used and IF all the parameters work :slight_smile:

yes, hosted items will fail the first time out. Getting the indicies of a null, and the repeat the same setup with a hosted family instance by point node to place your wall hosted stuff.

A 2nd, 3rd and 4th round will catch your ceiling, floor, and roof hosted. Multi-level hosted is something which I haven’t tried yet (I’ve yet to have a need though).