Masses Contained in Areas

I am trying to get a list of which In-Place Masses are contained in a specific Area on an Area plan. I tried using Tool.GetSurroundingElements from the steam nodes but didn’t work (Dynamo 9.1)

Another option would be to extract the Area boundaries, extrude them to a solid and then check which masses are contained in which solid. Not sure how to tackle this.

Any suggestions?


The example below assumes two area boundaries, each on a separate floor. There are two masses on each floor, one within and one outside the boundary.

File: containment.dyn



This is great, I will test and come back to you. Didn’t know the Area Scheme Lines…

I will try to take this a step further, I want to be able to pass a parameter from the Area (Name for example) to a parameter of the Mass (Comments)

Thanks for giving direction

Another quick question: Do In-Place masses have a distinct location point, I tried listing their points and these are all at 0,0,0??

Hmm… the In Place masses do seem to all be located at origin.

Might need an alternate approach that involves extracting their geometry to track their position.