Map Database Fields to Revit 2015 Parameters?

New to Dynamo, so bear with me. If this has been previously answered, my apologies for not getting it to come up in a search which I think is part of my problem because I don’t know the exact terminology for what I’m trying to accomplish. I’ve found quite a few close, but not exactly solving the challenge.

I have a dataset provided in a fixed format that includes approx. 1560 rows of data that each have a unique Tag Number. I have a handful of Revit models that also contain those Tag Numbers associated with pieces of various building components. Ideally, I don’t want to have to open each model to run Dynamo on them and would prefer to reach into the linked models through a main model, but if that’s not possible I can live without it. The dataset values need to correspond to both instance and type based parameters in the Revit models.

I’ve tried to map the concept here using Tag Number A3 as an example set of mapped fields.

This is where I am currently stuck and am using a simplified Revit model with an Excel version of the real dataset.

I feel like I’m trying to force a square peg in a round hole using these nodes. I am limited to Revit 2015 for the time-being so the shift from lists to dictionaries in Dynamo probably can’t be leveraged unless I’m overlooking something.

For some reason, I’m now getting errors on what should be a simple Element.GetParameterValueByName node referencing the Mark parameter in Revit.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!