Many Filter by each type created but it is not visualized

Hello everyone, first of all an apology for my bad English. I speak Spanish, I translated this into google.

I have created a srcript that creates a filter for each type of parameter, in this case I use it to distinguish different types of beams that I have in the model, a filter with a rule for each of them.

This is the script.
Filters by Type.dyn (86.8 KB)

Filtros.rvt (3.6 MB)

The script creates the necessary filters with a random color for each one and with a rule for each, until there all right.
From this I get two problems:

  1. The filters are not immediately displayed in the model, I have to enter the filters and click on each filter name, “so that I can recognize them”, and the filters are already displayed in the model.

Why did this happened?

  1. How could a true / false conditioner be included so that it only applies to beams with the parameter “structural use” = Girder?

I tried to do it with a boolean but it does not work , with false it should take all the elements, and with true it should take only the elements filtered by its structural use type Girder

I’d appreciate your help

For first problem - did you have node View.AddFilter?
That nodes add filter and overrides to view
I would expect that node to be after ParameterFilterElement.ByRules node.