Make solid visible / Solid not showing in Watch3D

Hi, I am unionizing two solids together using Solid.ByUnion and want to see the result using Watch3D. But as the picture shows I could not see anything in the Watch3D window although the union operation was successful. Does anyone know how to make the solid visible? Thanks!

Dynamo file:
union solid.dyn (15.0 KB)
Revit model:

For me also not showing in 3d watering.
but it showing in background preview.

Hi @_Vijay , thanks for your reply. I followed exactly your codes but it is strange it did not show in the background preview. Are there some settings to set up to see the background preview?

Try With Ctr+B

Ctrl+B did not work either…

Right Click
and hit zoom to fit.

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See it. Thanks!

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