Make dynamo coordinatesystem display bigger

hello, is there a way to make this symbol of coordinatesystem bigger, then I dont need to zoom in … zoom in… zoom in …to check which is normal, x axis or y axis.

I am a new user. :slight_smile: I know grasshopper is easy to solve this.

Hello @yangshilun2012 .

You can use this one and adjust the length and origin as per your requirement.

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hello, thanks for your help, what if the coordinate axis follows on a curve of surface, it is not as same as the world coordinate axis?

point 1) Currently its is same as world coordinate axis,
but if you wanted to change it, then you can as per your requirement.
Currently starting point is (0,0,0) along X , Y and Z direction (world Coordinate) and you can change the length of Color line, (Currently i have give 1000 units)

point 2) if you want the coordinate axis to follow the curve of the surface then, you need to do some changes in the initial part of the script, then select that curve from the surface then assign the color.

I found a note called coordinatesystem.Scale by accident. it is much easier,

Thanks for your answer.

Cheers :))