Magic extra level - BAD :(

So I’ve just spent a few hours scratching my head wondering why on earth why one of my BB excel nodes keeps screaming at me… And I’ve found this:

Can anyone explain how it jumps from L2 to L3 please?

Filter List by Mask is returning the dictionary objects. It’s just a list of dictionaries so it’s @L2. (You can actually see all 3 list levels in the preview, but that’s not what’s being represented in the output.) The Watch node on the other hand “unwraps” the dictionary and returns the embedded objects in standard list form, so it’s @L3.

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Thanks Nick. Confusing but that sorta makes sense. :smiley:

I’m still not closer to fixing my BB problem though. :frowning:
If you’ve got any suggestions for that too i’d be grateful. (everything going into the BB nodes are @L2 but this data input seems to kill it, but only sometimes!

Dictionary inputs can cause problems for certain nodes sometimes. Try the input from the Watch node instead.

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Tried that… still being a moose. :frowning:
Strangely until this week it’s always been fine. Maybe it’ll be fine again next week? :anguished:

Could be something in the list then. Hard to tell if it’s inconsistent.