LunchBox Curve to Arcs by Parameters

Hi, All,

I’m trying to rationalize a spline in order to make it convenient for fabrication. I am using the LunchBox Curve to Arcs by Division node which does great work but I wondering how I can standardize all the radius or length for which segment.

Another side, Who used this (LunchBox Curve to Arcs by Parameters) for curve rationalize.
and the input ParameterList what parameter I can put-in?

Can anyone explain how to use it?

You will hardly get an accurate answer with such a description of your work. Instead, could you show this great work you are talking about? At the moment, it looks like you just began with Dynamo.
Please make sure also that you have consulted existing resources before asking :

And this is for the basics if needed:

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The node asks for normalized curve parameters i.e. numbers from 0 to 1