Low slab walls with high slab

Translated by Jacob Small.


I’m trying to create a Dynamo script that allows me to attach my walls to the high and low slabs.
There are a lot of different slab levels in my project and I would like to automate the lower and upper shifts of revit by a dynamo.
Ex: I would like my 98/48 partition to hang on the high slab of the finished level 1 and the slab of the finished level 2.

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Je cherche à créer un script Dynamo me permettant d’attacher mes murs à la dalle haute et à la dalle basse.
Il y a beaucoup de niveaux de dalle différents dans mon projet et j’aimerais automatiser les décalages inférieurs et supérieurs de revit par un dynamo.
Ex : J’aimerais que ma cloison type 98/48 s’accroche à la dalle haute du niveau fini 1 et à la dalle basse du niveau fini 2.

@e.beuriot the forum language is English, so all posts need to be written as such. This is a requirement for search to work correctly.

I have edited your post. Please refrain from posting without an English translation in the future.

@JacobSmall Sorry, I don’t know that all the forum is English. I translate my future post.
Thank you for my first post

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Hi @e.beuriot there is the official Autodesk Revit forum here if you want to use french: http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/revit-et-bim-francais/bd-p/198

Maybe incan help you if you have the if you have the wall element in level and the slabs on other level, so you can sett all element to proper level!
I can maybe send you the script. If you would like that !