Logic branching

Is there a way to use some form of IF statement to branch the logic in my graph?
I this particular example, I’ve got a node to return the version of Revit.
Based on that node, I want to two different things if it’s 2016 vs 2017.
Grossly over-simplifying, but let’s say I want to Export if it’s in 2016 and Import is it’s 2017.
Or do I need to create two completely different graphs to accomplish that?
There would be a lot of duplication if I use two .dyn files.

You could try this.

Add your 2016 Code to the True, and 2017 to False if that’s the case.
Not sure what you are doing with your graph in the different versions but the logic is there.

Does the code for both the two options get executed regardless, or does it only execute the case that matches the test?
One of the things I’m doing is either Import or Export an Excel file based on the version, and if it did both, there would be trouble.

Maybe I just haven’t wrapped my brain around the flow yet, but I’ve got some pretty large chunks of code that would be difficult to get into the spots where your Code Blocks are.

The result on the right of the IF is for the TRUE option. So you can hook your node up to that. You could duplicate the nodes if you need to in order to complete the opposite.

Without seeing what you are doing it’s just a guess.