Lofting sequential curves

Hi all,

Its friday…phew!

I have a frustrating problem in that I have created a number of rectangles that represent the levels of a bridge pier crosshead.
My challenge is that I am trying to loft them sequentially to generate surfaces and then a solid.

Could I have some advice as how to get at the list data to generate the surfaces. I can get at the curves individually so can loft, however I’m just stumped as to where next, incremental lofting seemed easy.

Pier_typ_1.dyn (25.9 KB)



Hi @Kenyon_Graham ,
you were close whith that shift indice node!

one of the surfaces won’t be created though cause the curves are intersecting

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Thanks Mustafa, it would have taken me a while to find the drop item.

Oddly the coincident curves seem to loft smaller to larger but not larger to smaller.

Although I have DS1.1.0 at home and D1.2.2 for revit in the office. They have different levels of functionality.

Again thanks for your reply.