Loft Multiple Items at the Same time

Hey all,
Im trying to write a graph that will create a 2 foot clearance at the bottom of a footer and then slope up at 1.5 to 1 to grade. Shown below! The problem i have is the script i made can only loft one footer at a time and when i run it for the second time it erases the first one. The reason for the graph is we would like to make our excavations for the footers then be able to then put the information in our RTS for layout. any help?

What it should look like:


Rather than selecting one element at a time, use categories and filters to get all the footers in your project.

@Nick_Boyts It gives me errors because the loft tool can make multiple lofts at the same time

It’s most likely an issue with list structure and/or lacing. You need to make sure all the nodes are working correctly on lists instead of single items now.

Could you try “select model elements” rather than a single one? I see your geometries are extracted from something you pick. So pick what you want to work on all at once.

Still doesnt work. HERE IS THE DYN if you wanna look.Footer Excavation.dyn (31.1 KB)

thanks ahead of time for helping guys!

Like I said, it is possible, you just need to rework your nodes to accept lists instead of single items now. Go through each node one by one and play with lacing (or maybe even alternative nodes) in order to keep the list structure you need.


@Nick_Boyts Can u show me your dropdowns on the Polycurve.byjoinedcurves? and How do i combine a list by its index number. i want the 0 to match with 0 and 1 to match with 1 and so on.

and do you know how i could fix this error?

Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves is taking lists of group curves and combining them into polycurves (one per sublist).

If you’re combining two lists you can use List.AddItemToFront with list levels like I show in my graph. If you’re combining more than two lists you can use List.Create to join the lists together, then use List.Transpose to rearrange them by matching indices.

The error you’re getting just says that the curves you have do not create a closed loop for a polycurve.

Yes but the curves work individualy so why wouldnt they work when i run them together

Because it is trying to join curves which don’t touch so they can’t become a closed polycurve. This is doubly true as the polycurve is already closed - how can you add to it?

this works thank you all for your help