Loft curve to point

hello dynamo users,
i was wondering if there is a way to create a loft from a curve to one single point. in rhino there is this command, for dynamo i couldnt figure out. maybe sole ody could give a hint?
thank you very much

Nope, just use a really, really short line (which Revit doesn’t throw a wobbly with)

Or you could try something like this…

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Can you not just create a 3 sided surface by drawing a line between both the endpoints of your curve (for lofting) and the third point (where you are lofting to), then join all the curves and use Surface.ByPatch.

Thank you for your fast response!
I want to create a part of the surface of a “shifted cone” where the tip is in z direction right above the middle of an arc, which means every point from the curve need to be a straight line to the tip.
my solution was quite similar to what Vikram_Subbaiah suggested, the problem was that with using a lot of parameters on curve i get a strange behaviour with appliing families later on the surface. with just one parameter at 0.5 the surface is not accurate enough. so i was looking for a more precise solution…

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