Locking Family Types

Good morning all, i’m looking for a way to make sure that the Family Types node I’m using is ALWAYS using the same family. Any way to use a Code Block for that? Right now i have Family Types plug into FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType

Not sure if I properly understood your query, however hope his helps. Different ways to achieve the same… 20160412-2

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EXACTLY what i was after :slight_smile:


I am kinda hijacking this one, but i have a similar question and i don’t quite above explanation.

In my example (see image) how can i write ViewFamilyTypes - Floor Plan 2 in (a) code (block)?
So i don’t have to pick (choose) it again (from the fly-out) when i re-open this Dynamo script?

Or, in other words, how can i ‘lock’ a choice?

Same for a Level.

Is there a place where i can find some examples how to code things instead of using node?

Hi Vikram, I have a lot of family type by name standard. Can I still lock them with Code block?

Thanks in advance.