Loading a Single Family into several .rvt files

as expected, works like a charm :slight_smile:
LoadFamily_Document.dyn (7.5 KB)

The node is included in Orchid 130.0.6 as a custom node, but will be changed into a zerotouch asap.

Thanks a lot for your tweak on my original node @viktor_kuzev :slight_smile:


Just following up on this… All nodes are now ZeroTouch nodes to be found in the Orchid package.

File Fam LoadFamily (2 nodes).dyn (9.3 KB)


I am new to Dynamo so forgive me if my question is basic. @erfajo i am using you graph to update title blocks in many projects. the problem that i am running into is that I end up being the owner of the work set after I run the script. I believe it is in the “File.LoadFamily” node. (can’t inspect the code of the node) If this is correct could you add a line of code that will relinquish all work sets.