Load materials to multiple families

what I’m trying to achieve is to transfer project standards, in this case materials, from one family to multiple ones. So far I managed to transfer them to the current document with rhythm packages and I can open and save families in a pointed directory, but somehow I can’t combine these two solutions. I’m trying to make directory files a current documents, but it doesn’t work out.
Is there any similiar node to the one used, but which will copy elements to another files instead of an existing file?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Norbert,

I took a look at your graph and it seems you copy the materials into the active document. The Family documents which you have opened are not the active documents. The document in which you have open Dynamo is your active document.

Hi Joel,
thank you for your reply.
That’s right, that’s why I’m trying to find workaround and to set other documents as active documents. As you can see there are three Passthrough nodes. With them I want to set another directory documents as active documents. Therefore at the moment this node to copy elements is activated, directory document should be an active document, but it doesn’t work. Hopefully my idea of this script makes sense.

@norbert_s ,

Have you figured this one out yet? - I’m trying to do the exact same thing, and have the same problem.