Live Design Clash Verification


There is a error “Element.SetParameterByName”.
Can you helpe me?
In Steamnodes packpage there is no “Element.SetParameterByName”.


That’s an out of the box parameter, can you show us what the error message is please?


WARNING: No function called SetParameterByName in Function that gets string, _array could be found


What is the result of the create 3D cropped view? Looks like that wants elements but you’re giving it points.

Post your whole graph via a zoomed camera export if that’s it and you need more guidance.


Does not generate views:disappointed_relieved:


To generate what you’re after you’ll need to place a family at these points. Alternatively you can look at another method of defining the section box. I used to like going a different route on my clashes.

Once you get the points, place a family and push the data from your Navisworks report into parameter values inside of the model. This makes for an easy single point of truth for clash resolution inside of Revit. I don’t even create the views - let the user go to a section box in their default view (less views to deal with tis way). Just make the family geometry lightweight geometry, and give it a few text parameters along the lines of:

  1. Date of clash test
  2. Trades in clash
  3. Decided resolution
  4. Trade responsible for fix
  5. Resolution confirmed

Then you can then schedule this family and track and resolutions live in the model. filter by “Resolution Confirmed not equal to yes” so the person resolving the clashes for each trade can quickly work though the list and always pick up where they left off.


kindly share dyn file