Lists or multiple nodes?


I’m looking through some of my scripts and looking to update and/or streamline the amounts of nodes. I’m just curious if there is actually anything to gain from removing the nodes and combining the data using lists and levels in nodes?

Besides me actually learning how to use levels, lists and nested lists.

Functionally, not really (although it might be a bit more memory efficient?). However, it will make your graphs a lot easier to manage. If you have 3 groups of nodes performing the same function, but being fed 3 different inputs, you can (and should) combine the inputs into a list and have them all use the same group of nodes. If you have to change the functionality at all, you would have to modify it in 3 different places rather than a single place. This is also just one of the few applications of list levels and lacing, but it shouldn’t be your only motivation to learn it.

Correct. And it will be faster as a result.

Another thing to look into is leveraging Design Script and/or custom nodes.

Yeah thats what I was thinking, already used to custom nodes to hide away and lower the node count in my scripts. But kinda feel like I’m just hiding the problem. My current goal is to get a understanding of python, hoping that would help with some functions.

It will make some stuff faster, but in my experience you won’t see enough speed gain to justify the effort. Also keep in mind that any python nodes may need to be updated someday, so you likely want to keep all those efforts in a dyf so you don’t have to update the same code twice and can more readily reuse them.