List.Transpose ---> Point.Y error

List. Transpose (Division of intersection points into lines running along the object)

And error: Warning: Internal error, report: reference to non-pointer item.

How can I bypass this error?

Show the output and input of the transpose node, with the pulldown list below the node or with a watch node.

Without seeing the data it I guess you use wrong levels, this is the most common problem:

Sounds like at least one of your objects is not a point.

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You want to see all data on the lists or is that enough?

It’s not a level problem, can you check if all of them are points, as @Nick_Boyts asked? With a script like this, you can check it easily:

If you don’t want to filter non point elements, you can use the Y coordinate of the bounding box’s point instead.

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You go from 87 objects to 96 objects. Again, this makes me think that you have some non-point objects.


Here you are

I think you have some misunderstanding, please read through the primer carefully.

Don’t get offended, we are trying to help you, but if you aren’t familiar with the basics we can’t help.

And never ever copy scripts blindly from the internet if you are not familiar what they are doing…