List structure question

Here was me thinking I was pretty good at list structure… But nope, I’m stuck!

I’m using Miscellany to do some packing. Now I want to visualise it. I have done using repeated items (bad)… So am trying to shove them all in a nice list (good). :laughing:

However I can’t get the thing to work!

So I have started with 19 containers and 100 items to pack.
The packing node has managed to get it all into 16 containers in the script example below.

I want to visualise each container in a different position on the XY plane as shown here in colour (only 15 containers in this one)


There are n containers per group. Above each colour represents a group. I want each group on its own line and each group offset from the last.

Hence my offset values.

BUT as I’ve said, when I feed it into the geometry translate I can’t get each list to offset. Pls help!

Oh… It works if I make the lists the same length.

But I thought using “shortest” would overcome that?

Seems making a public forum post has shamed the node into behaving…
It’s now working with the original 19 length lists.

IT’s sooo prettty. :laughing:



Nice my done! There are some nice nodes for Bin Packing in the Refinery Toolkit which you might also want to check out. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve been playing with those too but I think these ones work a bit better for what I want to do. :slight_smile:

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