List.sort by timeline entry

Is it possible to get a list sorted by its timeline entry order.
Ex : my list BPO - BPE - CAE if i use list.sort it will be BPE - BPO - CAE, but what i want is to have a list.sort by timeline entry then it is for my exemple : BPO - BPE - CAE


My earlier reply wasn’t a satisfying answer?..

BPE - BPO - CAE are different parameters or values ?

If it’s parameters, it could be sort with the parameter ID.
The higthest value is normally the more recent parameter.

In my example below, I created 4 parameters (Parameter A, B, C, D) for the sheet category in this order of creation : Parameter C, Parameter D, Parameter A and Parameter B.

Sort parameters by order of creation.dyn (9.0 KB)

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The element/parameter id will more likely give the creation sequence of the elements/parameters rather than the update time of the parameter value? But like the idea :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s what I understood from the original post.
For the update time of the parameter I have no idea at all and I don’t think it’s possible.

My understanding as well, unless a timetag is added along with the parameter value :slight_smile: but hard to say exactly what is meant without the original post showing what have been attempted so far :slight_smile:

As you can see, on my list i have : BPO - BPO - BPE - Null - Null
I just want to get in ‘my indice’ the last indice informed : BPE
I think there is a way to delete the null values and get the last.item in my list. You know what i mean ?

Like the parameter.Id idea !!!

OOTB List.Clean with “preserveindices” set on false will “delete” the null values.

If you have blank values, List.Clean from Orchid package will be better.

Sorry, tried already but not working !!! even my null values are on False!!

So they are values and not parameters.
My example is for parameters not for parameters values.

You can associate a key to your values parameters to reorder them.

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I think you need a dictionnary to order your values.

The shuffled values are reordered at the end below.

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Keep last value.dyn (8.6 KB)