List sort by key ERROR

does anyone knows why listsortbykey is showing me error?
it says: the number of elements doesnt match with the key numbers
any clue what can i do?

List.RestOfItems, @L2, how many sublists do you have? Does it match the number of Element.ID (295)? If it does not you won’t be able to perform the key sort.

I believe you also need to set the List input of List.SoryByKey @L2.

List.SortByKey cannot work if the number of elements (List.Count) varies for the list and keys

Note that in the example below the List.Count is the same for the two inputs

Would be good if you could outline your intent. List.SortByKey may not be the best suited node in your case


@Vikram_Subbaiah even though not being able… i need to get the value of the elements that are on concordance with the CSV and the IFC

Sorry, unable to completely understand your intent.

However, in your example you’re feeding a list of 43 (x6) sub-lists as one input to List.SortByKey and 295 element Ids as the other input. There is no way Dynamo can figure out which of your data is IFC or it’s relevance to your workflow unless you properly filter and format the inputs.

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