List processing: Breaking a "Size" value apart in a list form?

So what I’m trying to do is evaluate the connectors on a JBOX and determine whether they’re all the same size, if so, paste the 1st Size value into JHK_NOMINALSIZE, if either connector 2 or 3 is larger than connector 1, to display the whole value of the original string to JHK_NOMINALSIZE. It works great, the logic works as I’d hope, but I’m only processing 1 object on this list because of my “GetItemAtIndex”.

I need to make this dynamic, as I’m breaking the string apart, evaluating it, but I need to do it to the entire database, not just Item 11 in the list.

I just need to organize my data in a way where indexes are maintained, but still give the ability to evaluate more than 2 connectors when necessary. I imagine the final product will have to evaluate up to 6 connectors, which isn’t hard to add more evaluations, but to process them all as a list is my struggle.

Any suggestions on how to remove my “List.GetItemAtIndex” circled in the screenshots?

Updated with added filters for when there’s only 2 connectors present to trick the output into a false.

Does this do what you want? Note a few of the nodes requires the lacing to be set to longest.

As I started adding additional ends I ran into an issue when a 3rd connector (or more) wasn’t present. So now I have them processing the entire lists, but my lacing isn’t correct, like what you ran into. Your screenshot will be a huge help solving that, thank you @Monkey_Puppet!

Here’s the latest image;

Sheesh just spotted another issue. I’m feeding Index “0” if the logic fails, need to fix that!