List of parameters ends to one string value

In my block (Element 824894) i have multiple dates : date n, date n+1, date n+2 … etc.
Now i want to change my ‘Date du projet’ on ‘Feuilles’ category to the last date i put in.
Exemple : now i have my ‘Date n’ and it’s ok but if i get to ‘Date n+1’ i want the parameter ‘Date du projet’ on the other sheets gets to ‘Date n+1’ too.
Any ideas please ?

Hi @med.bzn,

I’m not sure to understand properly
Do you want to set the hightest date in your parameter ?

You can send me a private message in french if it’s not what you’re waiting.

Bonjour Alban,
Je pense que le neoud ‘list’ répond à mon besoin.
Par contre c’est mes dates du cartouche que je veux avoir dans la liste : date n, date n+1 …etc.

exemple : sur mon cartouche j’ai mes dates. J’informe ma ‘date n’ et je mets un libelle ‘Date du projet’ sur les autres pages qui se renseigne automatiquement. si je passe sur le cartouche à la date n+1 (différente de date n) je veux que la 'Date du projet ’ sur les autres feuilles se met à jour.


I don’t understand how your titleblock (cartouche) is made.
Please add a link (wetransfer) with your family.
Maybe you’re expecting something like that.

sheets.dyn (7.7 KB)

Hey Alban,
I’ve find something this morning … I used : list.create (to have my daten, n+1, n+2 …) and list.sort then List.last item to get my last date i puted in. And it works :slight_smile:

I like your part using code block. My question is : if my last date i put in is n+2 will i get that date in my ‘date du projet’ ? Anyway i’ll try it and let you know

Thnx anyway ^^

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Please show a screenshot of your solution with previews enabled, to help other people facing the same issue :slight_smile:

Thank you Alban,
That was not bad at all ur code block idea :slight_smile:

The two solutions @Jonathan.Olesen

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