List- Math Add Cross Product Problem



I am using daily build.

i have two sets and using add operator with cross product.

For the first element (0) there is no problem but starting from the second (46,6) result is false. (46,6+6,25= 52,85 but “53,25” on the list).


Is this a bug or did ı something wrong?



If i create two list with cycle of the numbers (manual cross product :D) it works. the problem begins with crossing them.

Thanks for the report. This looks like a problem to me. (Tracking internally as MAGN-5729.)

Very weird. Looks like it has something specifically to do with {} curly bracket lists.



Ekran Alıntısı1













No problem with integers,


Ekran Alıntısı

















Same problem with using List.Create node. (may be same thing with curvy brackets)



It seems the problem exists in 0.75 RC2 as well: