List management & sorting /Filtering


Hello Everybody,

Any idea on how to go ahead with the problem i have explained in the image. List management , not able to catch it.

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What do you need to check… a single value (C8) or a list of values (c8, c12, etc)?

Hi Preetesh,

I think your looking for this:





















As explained in the image : Basically i want to assign C8 with a parameter and give values as shown = C8, C12,C4,C1,C21

same if next value - C12 since its present in the list , it should also have same value = C8, C12,C4,C1,C21

now C6 is not there in the first list and present in the second list it will have values = C6,C3,C14 Hope u got it.

That awesome KULKUL .

Not complete yet, i will figure out how to assign those values back to them .

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I dint work. it isn’t giving the correct true - false value . something is wrong


Hi Preetesh,

Your missing “StringFromArray” after “List.GetItemAtIndex”. Look at my above first workflow and try to understand how it works. If you can’t succeed just put here rvt and dyn file i will solve your issue. Good Luck!!!


Thank you so much, that was just it .