List Management - Lookup a value in another list

Hello everyone,

I have two sheets in excel, which i managed to import, the first sheet has four columns for points coordinates (Point unique id, Point X, Point Y, Point Z). The second sheet has point forces (Point unique id, Fx, Fy,Fz). The point coordinates has all the points in the model, and the point forces sheet only shows the forces for some of the points. What I’m trying to do is get the point coordinates for the forces i.e. looking up the coordinates value using the point unique id as an identifier. I have been trying with list map but not working well so far.


Hi, Try the “Dictionary.ByKeysValues” node from spring nodes. I’ve been using that approach a lot more lately because it’s just so much faster with large data sets than other list management approaches. The first index in both lists is the point Id. Tho to be honest, I’d just do this inside excel itself with a vlookup or something similar.

Very powerful tool, and worked great. I’m trying not to do any work in excel, and just use the raw data from the structure analysis program.

Thanks for your help and thanks for spring nodes.