Hi, I am trying to model four plate girder bottom flanges…extract the bottom edge of the lower surfaces shown in the four sections.

The vertical surfaces make up a web plate and the plan is to create the bottom and top flanges.

Once captured I intend to extrude to form the bottom flanges.

Could someone help me out and provide some guidance as to how to extract using list at levels or any other way.

My workflow:

  • Using the vertical surfaces from the extrude node

  • extracted topology of edges to get at the edge to extrude, @L2, I believe that I have got the data ie the edges

  • Once I have the edges I am extruding the edges to form the flange

  • Oddly the preview of the items in the lists is not visible ie. by clicking on the edge item…Dynamo issue perthaps?

Screenshot showing the list level logic which I think is correct

Revided upload Rev_G

imageSkewed_grillage_template _25_Rev_G.dyn (137.8 KB)