List enumeration

I have a list with multiple components, first part of the list will have the same string components (a0…a31) and the second part of the list will be for variable string (a32).
I want to make the whole list n[…] more small, but unfortunately [a0…a31] is just for number or string.
In this moment i don’t have any ideea and i’ m open to sugges

List.dyn (15.7 KB)

If the variable names are irrelevant …

List.Flatten(["A".."Z","Z" + (1..7),DIF],-1);


This is just an example, in my real case i cannot do this because my strings are diffeits, and at the end of the day i want to select one of them much easy (with a slider for exemple).
I agree maybe is much work for nothing, but i want to skip the part where i need to search for every string plus the manual process of typing.
Sorry cuz i forgot to mention this before…

Hello here is an example with a dictionary

sample show element


It doesn’t justify the need for variables though
You can build a list without having to assign variables to every element in it.

That will depend on how or where you obtain the initial elements/values.