I have a question about List.Clean. I use it as shown below, but the output still contains a null value.

Am I missing something here? I expected the list to be returned with one less value, having place 52 removed completely.

Thank you in advance for any feedback. ![Capture|683x351](upload://8z7MfS6iy6pveY6UqyHIrmuJ3DW.png)

Hi Justin, See below different types of nodes that can remove null values.

Thank you! I needed to change the preserve indices boolean to false.

You can also use DesignScript to achieve this as follows:

I’m not entirely sure if this is base functionality or a little nest egg input by Nate in Lunchbox :slight_smile:




I do not have LunchBox installed so it would appear to be Dynamo base functionality. Having said that, the action is not highlight in blue as shown in your image, which kind of throws me out a bit.

but it works! i was having difficulties with List.Clean method, for some reason it didn’t seem to work within the Imperative block…

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