Linking Windows and your Parts


I’m trying to link the elements id of the windows and of the parts
I got it only with the wall (hosts of the windows).

But what i need is with the parts.

I tried a lot, but, all that i did is get the wall, and after get the parts from each wall, BUT, it’s not what i need.


Please post a screeshot of your dyn graph / your dyn file.

Wouldn’t you want all the parts of the host wall associated with the window using a “sublist”?:
0 LIST: 2115459 (window) / {2230343 (part), xxxxx(part),xxxxx(part)}
1 LIST: 2115383 (window) / {2230342 (part), xxxxx(part),xxxxx(part)}

I created a small example to make (try) you understand.
This is not the original dyn file, because there is a lot of things that we dont need for this situation.

  1. In this first imagem everything is ok.

  1. In this second image, everything is ok.

  1. In this third image, start the problem: when i created a new wall, separing the parts.

The easier solution is transform the parts to be the hosts of the windows, but, until that i know, it’s impossiblem hehe.


só para mandar no forum.dyn (72.8 KB)

RVT Download: