Link CAD Categories and Subcategories Collector

Hi All,

I found a thread where @Kulkul wrote a script to collect all the categories and subcategories from a LinkCAD object.

The resolution image isn’t enought so I can copy the code. Does anyone have copy this script and make some tests?

I managed to select the Link and work with it, but I’m want to collect all the layer from it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Try to have a look at Bimorph Package? B0BE2CBD-FD7C-4E58-8A64-650693FD7ECF56A808E6-9363-4C42-8048-4A2FA81688AAD20ECEC6-244C-47E2-85D0-D28723A3BB94


Thanks @interactiverendering. I’ll look inside the package! Also, thanks for posting a better quality of the image. Really appreciated!

Bimorph package was the solution. Thanks @interactiverendering and @Thomas_Mahon!

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