Lines to 3D mass

So using Marcello Sgambelurris AU talk to project lines onto a topo surface creates a number of small line segments. I am wanting to show these lines as the same line type as my property lines but because of all of the smaller line segments they all look like solid lines.

Is there a way to make a continuous 3D spline?

I should say this is my first endeavor with Dynamo.

My thoughts on how to do this is to use model lines of an in place Mass family, do not create a form but just use the model lines. Apparently the API cannot do in place mass families.

My second thought is using an adaptive line base component? I have never used adaptive components, can it just be a line with an adaptive point at each node or each line segment that was created from the video above.

How would I go about writing this in to Dynamo.

Would be nice if you could either post a link to the talk (if available) or post files/illustrations that would help explain your issue better.