Laser scans and non-orthogonal walls

Not feeling good about a graph I wrote to straighten out walls generated from a survey. Asbuilt walls in red are not orthogonal, making dimensioning a challenge. Most walls are minor edits, but the attached image is pushing it. How do others deal with dimensioning walls that might just have to stay the way a laser scan is interpreted?

In the past I left them as is and used a reference plane to dim to, which allows me to easily indicate which strings need a +/- dim to account for the field tolerance.


In plain Revit, I may use a Detail Line to dimension to fake in a Dimension. I published the package “Dimension Detail Line” – may help.

Thanks guys.

Aligned / Linear dimension, then TAB through to end of each location you wish to dimension.

No detail lines used to generate dimensions to non-orthogonal walls.


Sorry if this is a dumb question… Are you saying you can use Dynamo to ‘tab’ cycle in Revit? I’m quite interested to see how you got the end point references :slight_smile:



Tab done within Revit, not Dynamo.

The YouTube link demonstrates the highlighted of non-orthogonal walls, using Dynamo and then colourising them.

Hey, so as an alternative to Tab, you can get the end ‘Points’ by retrieving the vertical edges of your wall geometry external face…

If you do want to straighten, I sell Rectilinear App that helps straighten line-based elements based on their first or second points in space.

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