Laser scans and non-orthogonal walls


Not feeling good about a graph I wrote to straighten out walls generated from a survey. Asbuilt walls in red are not orthogonal, making dimensioning a challenge. Most walls are minor edits, but the attached image is pushing it. How do others deal with dimensioning walls that might just have to stay the way a laser scan is interpreted?


In the past I left them as is and used a reference plane to dim to, which allows me to easily indicate which strings need a +/- dim to account for the field tolerance.


In plain Revit, I may use a Detail Line to dimension to fake in a Dimension. I published the package “Dimension Detail Line” – may help.


Thanks guys.


Aligned / Linear dimension, then TAB through to end of each location you wish to dimension.

No detail lines used to generate dimensions to non-orthogonal walls.