Landscaping a mountainrange challenge


What i would like to do is to create the Swiss Alps on a scale. Sort off.

My idea is to take a curved line in the conceptual mass family, divide it into randomized line (lenght) segments, and nest a generic model on the normal of the endpoints of the line segments.

The generic model has a set number of randomized points too, within a limit, and those are connected with chained lines (no splines, as the Alps are young , rugged and pointy, so no rounded features). Then select all lines and create a form, and create wall by face on it.

The question is how to minimize the randomized points locations within a given limit to make it look a bit more natural.

But that is just my line of thought, feel free to add your own ideas.



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Have you had a look at Elayabharath’s ‘Kilimanjaro’ image in the Gallery Feature of This could be an alternative way to do it.

Short description located here.

Hi Sol,

Thank you for the hint :slight_smile:

I was wondering if this could be done like so


Probably! But it’s beyond my capabilities I’m afraid, you’ll have to get answers from one of the Dynamo Heroes that frequent this forum :slight_smile:

Don’t know for certain, but for fractals you’ll need Recursion, I think.

I know it used to, but not sure Dynamo is capable of handling recursion, at present.

Here’s an example using a grayscale image of the sort derived from DEM (digital elevation models) available from USGS. Use the brightness of the image’s pixel values as the z coordinate of the point. Scale as desired. This is not at all accurate geographically, but with another half our of work, looking up the maximum elevation represented in the image, etc., it could be.

thanks Ian


I’ve been wanting to try this out with Dynamo