Just an idea

Would be nice to have a display of the current settings in above the canvas.
Maybe an idea for @john_pierson

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Randomly just saw this. Settings how?

Geometry working range for example

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And binding settings!


Could be cool for monocle maybe: Issues · johnpierson/MonocleForDynamo · GitHub


This is in-canvas from 2.18 :blush:


Great! If the dev team is adding things to the canvas, they also could remove the useless log-in dropdown to make space for more useful things :slight_smile:

You can’t log out from Dynamo without losing the whole Civil 3D environment (and probably Revit), and once logged out, you can’t log in from within Dynamo. So probably the log-in part is only useful in the sandbox.

And it’s extremely useful in sandbox. If there is value in the integrations not having it, then the integrators would need to suppress it - which is a big ask as I believe that a lot of this borrows on the same log-ins which the other products use.

One thing to consider, is that future state of integration might change the way that interaction with hosts is performed, perhaps bringing stuff like Revit and Civil 3D more aligned to Alias and FormIt, where the two applications not as intertwined (ie: running Dynamo won’t lock up Civil, and vice versa).

Thanks for the clarification, would be great if this future feature will be implemented that way :slight_smile:

One summer digging trenches for an addition that didn’t happen for another year, my grandfather to told me “Spend today building the foundation of what you want tomorrow.”

I see this in that same train of thought.

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