Issue with the Revit "Parts" command in the zones where walls have top or base extension


Although I this forum is a massive help in my work, this is my first post on the community.
Usually I find all the solutions i need without asking, but this time i couldn’t find anything.

I am working on a script with generation of parts and I noticed that the “Parts” command doesn’t work well in the zones where walls have top or base extension.

I suppose that is an issue coming directly from the Revit source code because I get the same result with the UI command and also with nodes such as “Element.MakeParts” from Steam nodes “Elements.CreateParts” from Rhythm.

I am wondering if there is a way to use a custom Python script for creating parts that can mitigate this problem?

Unfortunately, I am not proficient in directly using Python and the Revit API so suggestions are welcome.
Thank you.


Wall without top extension:
Before and After

Wall with top extension:
Before and After

Would be okay for you to have that parts as a familiy?
You could remove intersection und create that geometry as FamilyInstance.


Thanks for the reply!

I’m not sure that i can use families to avoid this problem.
I need to use the script for many different designs where the wall families differ in their layers.

Unless, you are speaking about some sort of temporary transaction, where I automatically create a family for each intersection between walls with top/bottom extension?

Otherwise, right now my issue seems like just another Revit limitation :slight_smile: