Issue with dynamo Workspace

Hi guys.

Just installed Vasari Beta 2 + Dinamo.

When I try to open a sample file, I can't see anything in the workplace.

I'm pretty sure that the file is rightly opened, cause if I open other files, i can see very small icons in the workspace, and if I scroll with the mouse I can also zoom in.

The problem is that nodes are very far each others, so I can't absolutely work with the program.

Is it a know issue?

how to "resize" (or rescale) nodes?

Thank you.

Can you try the new Dynamo, 0.5.0? This sounds like an issue of commas used for decimal delimiters, which we have a fix for in the new build.

Still having the same issue with the current Dynamo Version... When opening any sample file the nodes are distributed all over the workspace... see file attached... any idea how it is possible to fix this?

Hi to all
My friend and I have the same issue. I working on a macbook partition and my friend use an acer's laptop. I don't think it depends by the virtual machine...

Thanks, just want to add that I am running Vasari on a Virtual Machine. Don't know if that could be in a way related to that issue.

Ahh, thanks for the image. I haven't seen this yet on my machines. Let me discuss with some colleagues .

I got the same issue, is there any solution to that problem yet?

Here's a screenshot and that happens with every sample file.


Hi Carlo,

Can you send a screenshot of this? Is this happening for all sample files or specific ones?