Isolating column then changing parameter value - Revit, Dynamo


I’m new to Dynamo, I’m trying to accomplish this task.

I want to use dynamo to isolate 3 types of columns (4x4,6x6,8x8) in my project then change the parameter value from SV to Posts.

As you can see below at the moment, I have Dynamo looking at all the columns in the project, is there a way to have dynamo only looking at the 3 types of columns then change the parameter value from SV to Posts. (The part where I have the parameter value changing from SV to Posts is working fine)

Thank you for the help

Welcome to the forum,
to start with this is easy to do without Dynamo but for the sake of learning :slight_smile:

Get the type from all your columns (Element.ElementType) and check (==) if the are the same types (List Create) as the one you are looking for then filter by boolean mask and set parameter

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for getting back to me

I’m having little hard time understanding. I brought in (Element.ElementType) (==) (List Create) and the 3 types of column (in blue below). Not sure how they all should link together


Here’s a quick way to get the 3 types you are after

it worked, thank you for the help