Isolate in View (archilab) - Run completed with warnings?

Isolate in View worked the first time I tried it… but then produced Run completed with warnings.
However I could not see anything indicating a warning. I striped out all but the 3 nodes and ran again… no warnings this time… but Isolate in View didn’t work. I closed Dynamo and reopened… still didn’t work.



Have you checked the custom node to make sure you have all the other nodes inside it?

Surely you don’t mean that I should edit the custom node its self?

The Select Model Element Node is clearly wired from Output to Input Element connector, and the Views Node is clearly wired Output to the Input View connector of the Isolate in View custom node.

Custom nodes are often built as a combination of nodes, sometimes including other custom nodes. If you edit the custom node you can see what nodes it’s built from. Check to make sure you’re not missing any of those nodes, or any that might be inside of those nodes.

In this case there is only a single custom node that I took from archilab’s installed package.
I pulled it straight from archilab’s library. I think I would have known if I had edited it.
How could it have been corrupt in this way?

Perhaps I should delete the custom node, then save, close, then open, and pull it from their library again…
…just so that the custom node is pristine.

Should this make it work as I think it should?