Is there a limit to the number of sheets created? (A lacing problem?)

I have a graph that I wrote a few years ago that pulls a list of sheet numbers, titles, and three office specific parameter values and creates those sheets. It has worked flawlessly, most of the time. But lately, it seems to stop after only a few sheets -
today, for example, it is creating 19, from a list of 116
I dropped in a pile of Watch notes, and all 116 are being read. and all 116 seem to be processed by the various slicing and dicing functions. As far as I can tell, the issue lies in the node that actually creates the sheets.(Sheets.CreateSheets from DynaTools)
I have to admit, I am not a great programmer, and have never fully wrapped my head around lacing. So I just tried a couple options for that node.
Auto gives me 19 sheets
Shortest gives me 1
Longest gave me 108 one test, and 89 the next time I tried
(that seems really odd to me, btw. Why the variation, and why most, but not all?)
Cross Product runs forever, and then Revit crashes

What am I missing? it seems like there should be a simple fix

The dyn file, and the excel file are both attached, if anyone is so kind as too take a look, and tell me where I missed something that is obvious to them


Revit 2020.2.7
Dynamo Core
Dynamo Revit
DynaTools 2018.1.15

CASheetsFromExcel Dynamo.dyn (82.7 KB)
SheetList REGN GARAGES-4.xlsx (12.2 KB)

Could be placeholder Sheets…cant tell

Interesting thought - worth checking, but no, there were no placeholder sheets

Sometimes I have hit process limits with large data sets, but usually it just fails. An example is warning related elements, I hit a limit around 3000.

My solution was to use custom nodes and chop the data, then feed it through @L2, so it always dealt with predictable chunks of data for each iteration in the node through the list’s levels.

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That might explain why it handled different numbers of sheets on different tries. But, breaking it into chunks, unless I do it manually, is beyond my meager programing skills