Is Input - Variable Offsets

Hi All,

I wish if you can help guide on this as I have struggled trying to achieve this in Dynamo.

It is my goal to allow the user to select any number of detail lines in Revit. Then with Dynamo I can specify the offset parallel to each of the selected line.

The attached dynamo graph shows my attempt. My first question is: how can I specify different offset distances for each of the detail line!? My second question: how can I allow the user to specify each offset using the “Is Input” for running the Dynamo graph in Dynamo player.

Is this possible…! Thank you for the help.

forum.dyn (11.3 KB)

For Dynamo player you can rename the node, and then right click and select Is Input in the context menu.

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Thanks SeanP for replying. I am not sure how this will help in specifying different offset values for each of the detail lines. Especially that there could any number of lines drawn.

You would need to have a different input slider or number node for each line you want to offset. By giving say 20 inputs and leveraging shortest lacing, you’ll offset up to 20 lines with the associated offset. I recommend using an ordered selection method rather than a single crossing selection as that will create a disassociation between offset value and line to offset.

As an alternative you could use Datashapes UI++ to build two sequential inputs, the first of which allows the selection of lines, and the second of which allows for entering the associated offset of each of the selected lines.

Thank you JacobSmall for sharing some pointers.

I have tried using the Datashapes UI++, but I am sure I am doing something wrong…!
I am not getting any errors but here are some issues:
1) The total count of Vectors listed in Input two as shown in Blue is less than the total number of Lines shown in Red. So I do not know what that is the case.

2) Because if issue No. 1 above, I am not getting the uniform/parallel offset of lines as expected.

Below is my updated graph.

forum4.dyn (37.5 KB)